Achieve More With Brian Tracy’s Eat That Frog

Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy has changed the lives of millions of people around the world. Many of the leading entrepreneurs, bureaucrats, and top-notch employees consider this book as the Bible of success and follow it to the word. Grab your copy today and bring the change that you have been looking forward to. Eat that frog refers to doing that activity first which is the most challenging and important part of your life or a project.Eat-that-Frog-Book-Cover.jpg

Once you have done this first thing, you can be rest assured for the rest of the day that you would not get anything more troublesome and problematic than this. This makes you sail smoothly and confidently all through the day without resorting to procrastination. The simple idea of eating that ugly, bad, smelly, and distasteful frog first can help you streamline the rest of the day. The book is filled with anecdotes from Brian Tracy’s life.

Where does this phrase come from?
It comes from renowned writer Mark Twain who once mentioned that he ate a frog alive first thing in the morning. It actually refers to ‘doing the worst first’. Once this goal has been achieved, there can’t be anything uglier that could happen to you later in the day.

Engaging book
It is not a passive book that you read and forget. The author frequently asks questions to you thus making you think. The book is written in a way that it would involve you in the thought process. When you answer the questions asked by the author, you tend to get connected with his philosophy and even without knowing, you find that you are following it. The book has received positive reviews from nearly all the great writers, thinkers and publications. You can rely on it for bringing health, wealth and prosperity to your lives.

80:20 Principle
Brian Tracy talks about 80 :20 rule which says that 80 percent of the success, healthy and prosperity in your life comes from 20 percent of your activities. In fact, this principle applies universally and is evident to the observing eye. The author advises you to shortlist 20 percent of the activities that are very consequential in your life and then doing them first. He advises the reader to break down bigger goals into small steps. He says that you can’t cross the Sahara desert in one big step but you can do it by taking a few small steps every day.

Get the momentum
The book can give you much needed momentum for success by arranging activities in the right order. The author claims that a major part of our lives is spent doing unimportant activities that lead us nowhere. By putting things in the order of their importance, you can easily spot the frog — the item at the top of the list. You are supposed to do this item the first thing in the morning. Any other activity you do without completing this task would be a distraction and won’t bring desired result.

Reach there where you belong!
Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy is a self-help book that can help you achieve more in less time. Most of the people around the world are stuck in ‘low productivity- low success’ cycle. They want to improve but they don’t know how. This book is the perfect solution for these souls.


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